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Leads Depot fulfills your wireless service needs right at your doorstep. We deal with the best wireless service companies to provide you connectivity through voice and data packages. Enjoy reliable service, affordable packages, and innovative products that make your lives easy. The wireless service companies we deal with work tirelessly to deliver the best-in-class service and are committed to connecting you to the world with the technology and skills needed to succeed in a digital-first world.

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You can pick a mobile phone of your choice that fits your budget and needs, then call us for the best prices. We come up with the best packages and discount offers to ensure cost-effectiveness. We can help you find data, text messages, and call packages that are perfect for your budget and digital lifestyle. You have the power to choose the right one for you from carefully curated packages by the top wireless service companies. You can get access to unlimited* data, messaging, and calls.

*as per package

Best Wireless Service Provider Companies

We believe in providing the best services to our clients, so we expand our network to top wireless service providers in Canada to ensure quality connectivity. You will enjoy HD picture quality, clear digital voice, and the fastest internet speed available. We make staying in touch easier than ever.

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We help you secure unimaginably fast upload and download speeds, unparalleled reliability, and the best connectivity for you now and in the future. We make sure that you stay connected and entertained.

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Save More with Discount Offers.

You can get amazing discounts on mobile phones when you trade-in your old mobile phones. Whether you want endless data for yourself or a shared plan for the family, we can help you find the perfect plans. Unlimited data on the mobile network is available for both existing and new devices.

Flexible Prepaid Plans

With prepaid plans, you can stay in touch without commitments, contracts, or credit checks at a lower cost.

Latest Accessories

From a flair for your mobile to advanced tech for your smart home, purchase the latest must-have tech products now.

No Data Overage

With data overage protection in your plan, your data will be paused when you reach your limit.


Wireless home phone and mobile internet is affordable, easy to set up, and keeps you connected.

Unlimited Data Plans

You can stream all the video, music, and content you want worry-free with unlimited data plans.

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